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Title:Example GeoCast/OpenEXR sequence: Single view, Sedan
Provider:Gernot Ziegler
Description:This GeoCast/OpenEXR sequence features the synthetic model of a Volkswagen Sedan seen through an orthographic camera which pans around the frontside of the car. geocast/ contains the GeoCast files which describe the camera motion and project img/ contains OpenEXR images of the video sequence, including a Z channel. The .geoscene file describes the actual composition of GeoCast and OpenEXR files into a video sequence. The 3D model and camera path is available in the accompanying Blender file. The GeoCast generation script for Blender's Python engine is available on request.
Format:BZIP2 file: GeoCast meta-data and OpenEXR image files
Available Ground Truth Information:The 3D model and camera path is available in the accompanying Blender file.
Acknowledgement Sentence:(I don't think this data is useful for actual research purposes, more as a test for applications using libgeocast. Otherwise, please cite the reference on geocast.sf.net ).

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