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Title:Superquadrics and Regular Deformations
Provider:Uğur Güdükbay
Description:This is program to draw superquadric surfaces (ellipsoid and toroid)in wireframe or Gouraud Shaded, depending on the users choice. The user can specify the exponents determining the shape of the object. The user interface have the functionality of camera control (rotation, zoom in/out etc.) Besides, the user can apply regular deformations of bending, twisting, and tapering to the generated object to obtain irregular free-form surfaces.
Format:Binary Format
Documentation:Not Available
Acknowledgement Sentence:Ugur Gudukbay and Ali Kemal Sinop, Superquadrics and Deformations, CS465 Computer Graphics I Course Project, Bilkent University, Department of Computer Engineering, 2003.

File List
SuperQuadrics_Deformations.exe Download (Downloaded 1208 times)

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