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Provider:Lukas Ahrenberg & Philip Benzie
Description:Software intended to display sequences of gray scale (holographic) patterns on the screen. Suitable to create holographic movies on a screen addressed SLM. Basically loads a sequence of pre computed images which can be gamma manipulated and shown in a sequence. Basically a specialized image viewer.
Format:Binary + Source Code
Platform:Source should complile under Linux, MacOS and Windows. Binary installer for MS Windows.
Documentation:Not Available
Limitations:Binary installer for windows only. Source code needs QT 4 to compile. Avaliable under Linux, MacOS and Windows. All code is published under GNU GPL.
Acknowledgement Sentence:FrameView by Lukas Ahrenberg and Philip Benzie.

File List
FrameView_1.0_src.zip Download (Downloaded 733 times)
FrameView_installer.exe Download (Downloaded 716 times)

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