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Title:Multi-camera image acquisition software
Provider:Giwrgios Litos
Description:A generic image acquisition software module for digital cameras that are connected to the same computer. This module constitutes the building block of a broader system that will simultaneously acquire images from multiple cameras connected in many computers and will be mainly used for stereovision experiments at ITI-CERTH. In addition, it provides of many conveniency functions regarding (a) generic adaptation to particular environment (number/type of cameras connected to a computer), (b) (over-the-network) management of acquired image collections, collections, (c) pre-view of images, (d) live feed from cameras and other which are all mentioned in the attached document. The broader system will facilitate cost efficiency in the sense that it does not use hardware to synchronize image acquisition across computers. Instead it will use an over-the-network clock-synchronization and image acquisition scheduling strategy to do so. The system ultimately will be convenient for workers in the field, who are are interested in performing in-house multi-camera acquisition for their experiments without buying synchronization units and without making specific arrangements to coordinate the facilitation of different numbers and types of cameras.
Format:Binary Format
Acknowledgement Sentence:Copyright 2005 by ITI-CERTH

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